Due to the sheer volume of material on Facebook today, it seemed ridiculous to even attempt to write one more piece of content on this over-saturated topic. So what I decided to do was write an article about advanced techniques, ones that were worth reading, and not a regurgitation of what has been written. In regard to Facebook, and social media, … Read More

When considering how saturated most forms of advertising actually are, local searchbecause it is so new, is wide open for everyone to try. Since it is so new, and because it takes people time to change, this advertising format simply has not been accepted very widely. That is fine, though, because it represents a lot of opportunities for a lot of p… Read More

Be found on Google MapsEven though local search has been pretty hot for a few years, it is still relatively young and nowhere even close to being saturated. Embracing this particular type of advertising is certainly not taken hold, probably due to a recent this form of advertising is. Since there are so many opportunities available with it, so many… Read More

Google Maps AustraliaAs businesses realize the potential of local search marketing, it is becoming more and more common. Even though there are many different online marketing techniques that you can count on when promoting your business, local search marketing has the potential to get you a large number of prospects at no cost. Here are some tips f… Read More